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Lovely Ladies

Jencats Pearl


Pearl is our stunning solid blue girl.  pearl has amazing deep copper eye colour, she has the most perfect british face and is such a sweet heart.







Black Silver Classic Tabby


Char is from Purshantys silver lines, she is a stunning girl and we love her to bits, she is a joy to have around with an amazing personality.


Jencats Blossom

Black Silver Tabby


Blossom is from our tradition Charolette lines.




Jencats Muchcak-kit

stunning Crisp white girl.


Pictured & 10 weeks old.


Brillant Fantasy Janet.

Ukraine Import.

Golden Shaded.

Jencats CandyFloss


Candy is one of our beautiful breed girls she is true to british standard in every way and she brings stunning size , coat texture and beautiful copper eye colour into our british lines.

Jencats Kashmia


Mia is Candy's Full sister and they have spent every moment together from birth, they share all the same stunning british features.

Mia is very chubby stocky Girl and has a stunning dense coat.



Jencats Midnight Obsession

Solid Blue.

Jencats British Shorthairs.

Home to the Beautifully-Amazing British Shorthair Cats.

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